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Lucrecia appreciation photo-set.

Lucrecia Pérez Sáez is a Spanish-Cuban singer born in Havana. She has worked on many movies scores and with famous-world renowned artists, including Celia Cruz, Chavela Vargas, and Joaquín Sabina. Lucrecia is often regarded as Celia Cruz’ successor, a huge accomplishment for the artist.

Some of her awards and nominations include:

  • Music Award for the song ‘My People’ from the album ‘Agua’, SGAE, in the 2003 Edition, “Best Theme of Electronic Music Dance and Hip Hop”.
  • Three TP gold awards for the program “Los Lunnis” of TVE.
  • Golden microphone of the programme protagonists of Luis del Olmo.
  • Nomination for the 2003 Oscars for the film documentary of TV3’s “Balsero”
  • An EMMY Nomination for the her interview in the program “Speaking with the Stars” with Television Mega Latina in Miami.
  • Nominated for the 2010 Latin Grammy Awards, category Best Tropical Music Album “Álbum de Cuba”.
  • Winner of the Latin Grammy Awards and Grammy American 2012 for her interpretation of “Dos Gardenias” in the album “The Last Mambo,” a tribute to bassist and creator of Mambo, Israel “Cachao” López 

Listen to her amazing live rendition of Guantanamera here.

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