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  1. Xochitl - (political-linguaphile): Creator and your humble main admin here at RTLT. Mexican-American and University of Arizona student currently studying Spanish Literature and philosophy. Daughter of immigrant parents and passionate about immigration, intersectionality, Latino affairs, and Spanish literature.
  2. Gabriela- (latinagabi) : Born in Ecuador, living in Berlin. Currently studying hospitality and business, passionate about positive marketing (helping marginalized groups regain their voice through media) Lover of books and all things Latin.
  3. Dash (EmpoweredAfroLatin@) Born to immigrant Panamanian parents, journalist living in New York and often traveling throughout Latin America filming for her documentary series Negro: A Docu-series about Latino Identity. Negro is a series about identity, racism, the African Diaspora and the color complex among Latin@s. Blogs about the African Diaspora in the Americas at Diaspora Dash and runs Venus Genus, a site that empowers women and examines gender bias and female tropes. Passionate about women’s rights, decolonization, deconstructing and analyzing social “norms,” media bias, AfroLatinidad, social justice and empowerment. Dash loves documenting marginalized (resilient) communities and shedding light on issues not spoken about in the mainstream media. 
  4. L. (frijoliz) An unapologetic inmigrante de centro Mexico raised on the south-side of Chicago. Mis contribuciones to this blog speak on my personal struggles and will hopefully include: upholding la cultura del barrio; challenging the educational barriers faced by latinas primarily those limitations faced by undocumented women; and critiquing as well as dismantling machista attitudes that exist in nuestra comunidad. I enjoy street style elotes with extra chile and wearing my chanclas con ehsocks.
  5. Nathaniel McIntosh (Starklyinaccurate): (Gender)queer Latin@, born to a Scot-Taino mother and a Black-Spanish father and raised in La Habana, Cuba. Currently attending university in the Southern U.S.A. and working for an LGBTQ law center.  I’m passionate about analyzing and deconstructing media as well as DIY crafts, literature, human rights, community activism, and decolonization. 
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