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Hasta el último trago… corazón! (2005) Trailer

This documentary is a valentine to Mexican music and the women who have contributed to its development with their distinctive voices. Chavela Vargas, Lila Downs, Eugenia León, Astrid Hadid, La Negra Graciana and Iraida Noriega delight us with their music and their perspectives on politics, love and the role of women in the musical world. They use their music to promote cultural change from both a political and feminist perspective. From the postmodern Astrid Hadid to the blues singer Iraida Noriega, the film is an appreciation of their completely divergent sounds. Eugenia León possesses a quiet, seductive power on stage. Lila Downs is the earth mother who invokes Frida Kahlo and traditional Mexican culture and couples it with jazz and multimedia, creating a soundscape that’s uniquely feminine, strong, and modern. Explaining their struggles and their successes, these women illuminate what is vital in modern Mexican music.

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